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A Simple tool to track, visualize & measure Hashtag Contests!

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Track tweets in real time for any number of hashtags.

Get real time stats and tweet excel reports.

Know when your hashtag is trending up.

Real Time Graph Twitter Hashtag Graph

Tweets Per Minute

Track in real time the number of tweets that you receive for your Hashtag.


Twitter State Mapping Widget

Tweet Mapping (India)

Tweets are mapped on states of country, based on origin of tweet.

Twitter Tweet Listing Widget

Tweet Wall

Tweets for a given hashtag are displayed on screen. New tweets load automatically with a Flipping effect. Best Suited as Tweet wall for Live Events.

Twitter Tweet Listing Widget

Twitter Battle

Track multiple hashtag and compare number of tweets received for both.

Twitter Tweet Listing Widget

Tweet To Reveal

Based on number of tweets received for a particular hashtag an image is revealed. You can set the target number of tweets for which the Image should be completely revealed.

Twitter Tweet Listing Widget

Photo Wall

A beautiful photo collage of all the unique photos shared for a given Hashtag.

Twitter Tweet Listing Widget

Avatar Wall

User avatar images of all users who have tweeted for a given hashtag is displayed as a collage.


Complete List of Users and Tweet data.

Downloadable Excel Reports.

Potential Hashtag Impressions.

Follower Growth with List of new Followers.

Unique Users Count.

Sentiment Analysis.

Tweets By City.

Real Time Twitter Hashtag Stats

Summary of Stats for a given Hashtag

In-Depth analytic and downloadable detailed excel reports for each Stats.